We are preparing
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for clients worldwide

Automated, Reliable,

Trance is launching a next-generation risk management solution for clients all over the world. In industries and sectors characterised by inefficient and opaque structures, our dream is to create the future of risk management.

Why Trance?

We are preparing a cutting-edge technology platform that will enable us to automate risk management with accurate real-time pricing and seamless compliance tools.

The tailor-made solution coming soon


  • The creation of customised insurance products for any event
  • The ability to handle billions of insured events


  • Accurate real-time pricing across all verticals
  • High performance system with parallel computing architecture


  • Following ISO/IEC 27000 and data protection and retention standards
  • Transaction data stored securely under industry best practice
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Made by experts

Trance’s goal is to provide transparent insurance coverage at competitive rates to clients and brokers worldwide.

Our team is comprised of industry experts with strong backgrounds and established relationships with proven industry operators.

The vision is to be at the forefront of technologically enabled risk management while providing our clients with a seamless experience where transparency and efficiency are at the core of everything we do.

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